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     Dillon Rinn

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OFFICIAL TIME 43.52.26hrs


1ST 217KM FINISHER (14-16 July 2023)

217.60km / 11510m+
5.30pm Friday-2pm Sunday [44.5 hours]


Dillon Rinn -  1st ever 217km Ultra Elite Finisher (14-16 July 2023)
First Person to complete the distance - 8 complete laps of the Elephant

217km Ultra elite (135 mile) 



That's right, Dillon Rinn is the first-ever to complete the 135mile (217km / 11,500m+ elevation) race in the history of this distance at The Elephant Trail Race. With 30mins up his sleeve he was well and truly feeling at home.

Dillon Rinn

Where to begin…

I am absolutely blessed with the people I have around me, people who make me feel as if I can go out and do anything I wish, and people that don’t cast any negative judgements or tell me something is impossible, regardless how crazy it may sound. Instead, these people allow positivity and support to shine through. Without them, I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am today, I would not have the growth that I do, and I most definitely would not have the belief and strength that I have now.

What an incredible weekend! I am grateful to be in a position that allows me to push myself and challenge the person I am.

Because of this weekend, I can now say I am the first and only person (thus far) to finish The Elephant Trail Race 217km (actually 225km) in the 6 year history of the event. The course is absolutely relentless, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to Kerry Williams and Mathew Williams for hosting and putting together such an incredible weekend, which allows races of all distances from your average runner to your elite runners. The people I met along the way were not only incredible and friendly, but also inspiring and held my motivation high.

Thank you to Benn Coubrough Stroke No Limits Coaching Squad for being the brains behind the training that allowed me to get to the start line with the confidence I needed. We only met earlier in the year before I jumped on board to give this thing a crack. We had under 4 months together to get to where we are, which isn’t a long training block, but the training we did was absolutely perfect and I could not be more grateful. You’re not just a coach, you’re a great guy and a great mate.

Thank you again to Benn and also to Anthony Lamb for coming out and helping pace me to the finish on the final lap, although in a bit of pain, it was definitely the lap I will remember most.

A huge thank you to Steve Kelly for pacing me on both lap 7 and 8 it is also because of you that I can enjoy this moment in the way that I am. We put together a strong lap 7 after not being able to take in any fluids or food for the entirety of lap 6. Thank you for being exactly what I needed in what was easily my lowest point.

Now… the biggest praise of all and without a doubt the person I am over the moon grateful to have by my side, my partner Brooke Peters You showed me what two people can do when they show up for each other, what having your best friend as a partner means and that no matter what happens, it will always be okay because I have you to look into the eyes of. You inspire me every day.

After every lap you were there making sure I had exactly what I needed before heading back out again. I know you were nervous, scared and unsure, especially having never been in such an environment, but you did absolutely incredible, smashing it out of the park. I know for certain I would not have finished in time without you. Thank you for always being my reason why.

Thank you to Cooper Williams for turning these memories into pictures.

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