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12-14 July 2024

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Are you Looking for?

Are you looking for?

Listed below is all the information regarding entering the race and what your entry includes. 

Entry Details for races 217km to 5km

Included in your entry fee

  • Entry into the event

  • Race pack mail out (only if you pass your online mandatory gear check by 18th June). After the 18th June you will need to do it at check-in prior to collecting your race pack and bib. You must select 'mail out' when doing your registration.

  • Fully marked course

  • Personalised race numbers (before a certain date)

  • Finishers Medal [50km, 25km, 13km, 5km, 2.5km Kids] must finish race

  • Elephant event shirt [early bird entry only] - NOT INCLUDED IN 13KM, 5KM, 2.5KM ENTRIES

  • Elephant buff 

  • Aid stations stocked with electrolytes (fizz), water, fruit, lollies and other yummy goods

  • Professional first aid and medical support on course and the event HQ

  • Professional electronic timing with full category results

217km - 160km - 100km

  • Finishers BUCKLE [217km, 160km, 100km] must finish race

  • Some hot foods during the night time noodles, soup, spuds, hot tea and coffee for 100km, 160km, 217km only

Food - Shirts

  • There will be other hot food and real coffee for sale from the ETR Café

  • Shirts can purchase at check-in, race hub [limited stock] 

Pre-Event Schedule


7th October 2023

Elephant Trail Race Entries Open

Early Bird [7th October to 31st January]

  • Free shirt for 25km to 217km in distance

1st January 2024

Online Gear Checks Open

  • 5km to 217km

  • Not available after 18th June 

1st February 2024

Standard Entries Open

  • No free shirt

21st May 2024

50% Refund Closes

  • Advised by email before 11:59pm 21st May 2024

  • No monetary refund if advised after 21st May 2024 11.59pm

12th June 2024

Transfer to another runner by 12th June

  • Final day to transfer ticket to another runner. Fees apply. You can't transfer to next year.

18th June 2024

Online Gear Checks close for mail outs

  • You must pass your gear check for your pack to be sent out. You must select mailout at registration 

18th June 2024

Name on Bib - Cut off

  • Cut off for your name or saying to be printed on your bib

19th June 2024

Upgrade / Downgrade online

  • Last day to upgrade or downgrade online. After this date you can do it at check-in 27/35 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie [Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Check the Check-in times before you come]

19th June 2024

Race packs will be packed

  • If you passed you online gear check and opted for your race pack to be mailed out. They will be sent 24th June, if not before.

24th June 2024

Race Pack Mail Outs

Everyone that passed their online mandatory gear check and opted at registration to have their race pack  mailed out, will have their pack sent on the 24th June 2024.

Please Note: If you opted at registration to have it mailed out and you did not do and pass your online gear check. Your race pack will NOT be mailed out. You will now have to come to one of the check-ins before the race.



Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11th-13th July 2024

27/35 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie


  • Thursday 11th [everyone]

  • Friday 12th [217,160,100,50,5km]

  • Saturday 13th [25km, 13km, 2.5km kids]


NOTE: NO bib collection for 5km to 217km at Race Hub. You must collect in Port Macquarie the night before, unless you got your pack mailed out. NO BIB, NO RACE.

Note: Kids ONLY can be checked in Sunday Morning up to 10.30am at ETR Cafe[Race hub]

Pre-Event Schedule

Early Bird Entry

7th Oct-31st Jan

217km $525

160km $399

100km $315 Solo

100km $315 Stage 3 Day

50km   $225

25km   $155

13km   $65

5km     $40

Pacer $115 

[217km,160km 2 laps]


Pacer  $75 

[217km,160km 1 lap] 


Late Entry

1st June-10th July

217km $575

160km $475

100km $390 Solo

100km $390 Stage 3 Day

50km   $265

25km   $195

13km   $80

5km     $50

Pacer $125

[217km,160km 2 laps]

Pacer $85

[217km,160km 1lap]


Standard Entry

1st Feb-31st May

217km $555

160km $439

100km $370 Solo

100km $370 Stage 3 Day

50km  $245

25km  $170

13km  $70

5km    $45

Pacer  $115

[217km,160km 2 laps]

Pacer   $75

[217km,160km 1 lap]


Check-in Late Entry

11th July-13th July

217km $590

160km $490

100km $405 Solo

100km $405 Stage 3 Day

50km   $275

25km   $205

13km   $90

5km     $55

Pacer $125

[217km,160km 2 laps]

Pacer $85

[217km,160km 1lap]


Mandatory Gear

All competitors need to have their mandatory gear checked [except 2.5km kids race] before they can receive their race pack at race check-in. 

There are two options for getting your gear checked:

  • Option 1: Online gear check. Not available after 18th June. Race packs will be mailed out on 24th June.

  • Option 2: Have your gear checked at race check-in immediately prior to collecting your race pack. This is the least preferable option, as it can make your race check-in take much longer.

You are not required  to carry all your mandatory gear with you.

But it is mandatory that you have it available at the start/finish HQ  aid station tent.

  • Mandatory Gear [you must carry at all times] everyone

  • Mandatory Gear [to be available at the Start/Finish HQ  aid station tent]: 217km, 160km, 100km only

  • Recommended Gear [to be available at the Start/Finish HQ  aid station tent]: 50km, 25km, 13km, 5km

Drop bags are to be left at the start/finish HQ  aid station tent.

The mandatory gear required to carry, may change if weather conditions are very cold or wet. 

This decision can be made by the race director at any time.

Please note we will not post any items left behind, it is your responsibility to collect them before 3pm Sunday 13th July 2024

Mandatory Gear Checks

Race Pack Mail out 

(Included in your race entry) 217km, 160km, 100km, 100km Staged, 50km, 25km, 13km, 5km 
Not included in kids entries

​Rules: At point of registration you MUST select if you want your race pack sent out or you want to pick it up at check-in. You must do your online gear check and pass by 18th June. After this date you must go to check-in.

  • You must do your On-line gear check first and pass.

  • Online gear check not available after 18th June (for race pack mailout).

  • Packs mailed out on 24th June. 

  • After the 18th June, you will need to do your gear check at check-in.

Name on Bib

  • You can put your name, nickname, something funny, group name etc. on your bib. You will be asked at time of registration if you would like something written on your bib. 

  • Cut off date for name on bib is 18th June. If not filled in, your bib will be blank.

  • After this date you will have to write it on with texta if you would like something on it.

Race Pack Mail Out
Name on Bibs

Buckles and Medals

217km, 160km, 100km, 100km Staged - Buckles  
50km, 25km, 13km, 5km  - Medals


​Rules: Only once race is completed in full, will you receive :

Finishers BUCKLE [217km, 160km, 100km] :

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Gold Buckle [Male and Female] each distance

Silver Buckle - everyone else


Finishers Medal [50km, 25km, 13km, 5km, 2.5km Kids] :

Medal [50km, 25km] -Large

Medal [13km, 5km, 2.5km] - Small

5 Year Legend Medal : Compete 5 years in any distance to receive medal

Rules - you must start the race, but you do not have to complete the race to qualify or volunteer  

Buckles and Medals

Booking a transition tent site 217km, 160km, 100km, 100 staged 

  • When you register, there is a question asking you if you would like to book a tent site to set up your transitions. If you would like somewhere to have your chair, table, swag for example, please book then.

  • If you decide later that you are bringing support crew or there are a few of your friends also running and you did not book at registration. Please email us and ask for us one.

  • There is an option also on your on-line gear check form to book a site also.

Rules transition tent site 217km, 160km, 100km,100 staged 

  • Sites are only for 217km, 160km, 100km runners

  • Sites are 3m x 3m. You must use a 3m x 3m market style tent. What you put under it is up to you (we do not supply the tent).

  • Van site may be available for 217km runners only ON REQUEST (must talk to RD's)

  • NO CAMPERVANS OR CARAVANS of any type (please do not ask, limited space)

  • Do not turn up race day and expect you will have a site if you do not book. This will not happen. Booking only and they are free.

Transition tent sites for you and your support crew. Must be 3mx3m market style tent 

Booking a Transition Tent Site

Sample of a tent and the area of where the tents will go in the hub

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