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Laura's taking on ETR as training for her bid to complete 465km Triathlon from London to Paris

Laura Marshall is an Ultra Endurance Athlete from Canberra, ACT who is in September 2018 is attempting to become the first Solo Australia Women to complete one of the world's toughest Ultra Endurance Triathlons from London to Paris (the Enduroman Arch to Arc). 

This grueling event involves a 140km run from the Marble Arch in London to the coast of Drover, swimming the English Channel (approx 33km) and a 300km cycle from Calais, France to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 

Since 2001 there have only been 27 Solo Athletes complete the testing task, 6 of which have been women. However, so far no Australian women has ever attempted it solo - laura will be the first.


Laura hopes by doing this event she can inspire others to push passed their boundaries and show people that we are all far more capable than we think, we just need to believe it.

She is also proudly supporting beyondblue, a fantastic Australian Organisation that supports struggling with anxiety, depression and suicide.

Laura is taking on the 100km Elephant Train Race to help prep her training for her big race. The Elephant will put her through her paces and help her see where her training is up to. The endurance of the Elephant Trail Race will really test her levels of endurance. Our race is different from what she is about to take on, but taking on the elevation and multi directions will really test her here. Everyone here at the Elephant Trail Race wishes her the very best on ETR race day and also at Enduroman Arch to Arc.

As you can all image an event like this requires an extraordinary amount of training, preparation and expense to undertake. The elephant Trail Race is behind her and if you would like to follow Laura's journey and help support Laura in her efforts to becoming the first Solo Australian Women to complete the Enduroman Arch to Arc by helping her raise some funds to take part in the event, with 50% of all funds raised via her GoFundMe page going directly to beyondblue. Please click here and it will go to her page.

ETR are behind you Laura.


The Sydney Morning Herald

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