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Wairua Spirit  
Jamie Milne                                

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[Wairua 3.0 ]

Beyond physical Fitness

Beyond Mental Toughness & Pain Tolerance

What Keeps A Human Being Moving?

Wairua 3.0 July 2021 Port Macquarie

“The Elephant Trail Race” 200 & 160km Events


Jamie is going to be filming his next documentary for Wairua Spirit, which is a 10 part documentary series over 10 years.


After the enormous success and Big Screen Premieres of Wairua Spirit in 2019, we are beyond excited to share the filming for Year 3 will begin.


Shot Imagery will be capturing the next chapter of this 10 year Documentary in Port Macquarie NSW with the Elephant Trail Race.

Coupled with another USC ( University Sunshine Coast ) study, and a deep dive look at  what happens beyond pain tolerance and mental toughness this one is set to present potent and powerful insights into the endurance world.


In 2020 The pandemic crippled our chances of filming part 2 and the trip to British Columbia, 2021 presents us with the opportunity to film at home.


Wairua 3.0 will follow Jamie as he attempts to tackle the currently never finished 200km Elephant trail race in sub 41 hours, and with a plot twist and no doubt fan favourite, Shot imagery will follow Dr Kendall George as she races in the 100 miler ( 160km Elephant Trail Race)


July 2021 is race day. Please share follow, and click and watch part one 


Wairua Spirit


Over the next decade 2019 – 2029 we will create an artefact in the form of a documentary that will explore the powerful, often invisible, drivers of the human spirit in response to extreme physical demands.  The subject of ‘Wairua’ will be explored in the testing environment of ultra-endurance running.


Selection of the 10 most challenging and arduous ultra-marathons throughout the world has been completed. An event will be tackled annually by Jamie Milne, a New Zealand Maori who has a reputation and track record of undertaking unachievable tasks and exposing himself to extreme physical adversity. Jamie is willing to uncover his vulnerabilities and document the non-tangible, motivational drivers of the human spirit. Each event will focus on delivering relevant content in response to current gaps in research, public interest and identified trends in the media.



Given the opportunity to quit, give in, and truly admit defeat, the human spirit if allowed, steps in to inject balance, adding an invisible force, “kaha” (strength) and fuel. This is reserved only for those who pay the physical price.


The first event will be the Hurt 100 in Oahu Hawaii a 100-Mile Endurance Run. Jamie has been selected as a participant through the 2019 HURT 100 lottery process and will compete this coming January 2019 (only 100 elite ultra-runners are selected annually). This event embodies its name with the spirit of adventure and the sense of remaining constant. The HURT100, is an extreme event, designed for the adventurous and psychologically-resilient ultra-runner. The 100 miles, or 160.9344 kilometres (over 5 laps partial out and backs), is undertaken in a semi-tropical rainforest with 24,500 feet (7467.6 metres) of cumulative elevation gained and lost over the course. Participants are offered 99% single-track trails consisting of moderately packed soil with generously interspersed roots, rocks, puddles, and mud wallows.

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